Ontario Mini Putt Locations

Ontario is loaded with mini putt locations whether you’re looking to book a birthday party for the kids, take your special lady-friend on a date, or really looking to get some hardcore short-game practice in.

Mini putting is always awesome at any age, from massive outdoor setups loaded with booby-traps to cool indoor spots and full-on practice facilities built to really improve all aspects of your game. Not only can Ontario miniature golf courses make for a great way to get ready for spring, indoor locations are the perfect way to escape the cold while the courses are closed.

There are loads of places to pick from, no matter what area of the province you live in or where you happen to be going.

Lots of private and public golf courses in Ontario will offer outdoor mini putt courses right on the property. A lot of times they’ll be full practice facilities with a short-game practice area, warmup bunkers and a driving range. Alternatively, there are outdoor mini golf locations in Ontario that are all about having fun, with cool obstacles anyone can enjoy – from the wee ones to casual golfers and even those more serious about the spot looking to practice their putting game or perhaps place a friendly wager on the match.

Unfortunately, just like actual courses, most outdoor Ontario mini putt courses will only be open from spring to fall. That doesn’t mean you have to let your game rust up like the patio furniture you forgot to bring in.

There are lots of places to play indoor mini putt in Ontario as well, which have made off-season practice really easy. We understand winter golf withdrawal all too well. Thankfully, you can find lots of indoor miniature golf courses in Ontario designed to challenge more serious golfers. They might be part of a fully-enclosed practice facility such as a golf dome, indoor driving range or a golf simulator spot. More serious locations are really geared to golfers who love the sport and want to play as much as possible during the winter months.

Other times, it might be its own facility like one of the many Ontario glow in the dark mini putt courses which are also indoors, though they’re usually geared towards family fun. There are some province-wide chains, and the great thing about ’em is they’re usually open pretty late – especially on weekends – if you’re looking to avoid the kiddies. Still, glow in the dark mini golf courses in Ontario can be a great way to beat the cold while the courses are closed and get some practice in when the weather outside is frightful.

Find the best local Ontario miniature golf courses and get the latest information on upcoming deals, discounts and specials, as well as news and everything you need to know to have a little short-game fun.